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Alex Do Dats - Asst.

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Alex Do Dats - Asst.

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ALEX DIY Do Dats will have your friends asking, how did you DO Dat?

Make an adorable and unique dangling character to hang with! - COLLECT THEM ALL! 

Mix and match their beaded parts with other Do Dats characters.

Do Dats hangs from anywhere with a lobster clasp and has special beads that allow her to hold hands with her friends.

She also comes with a mystery bead as a creative surprise.

Every set Includes

  • 25 beads and accessories
  • 2-piece body frame
  • lobster clasp
  • instructions.

Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

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Alex Do Dats - Burgadette


Alex Do Dats - Celeste

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Alex Do Dats - Gloria


Alex Do Dats - Unie


Alex Do Dats - Punky


Alex Do Dats - Sprinkles



COLLECT THEM ALL! - 6 Gorgeous styles to choose from.

Burgadette is a fast food fanatic with a burger body and French fry hair.

She loves to super-size her meal and her motto is “I’m all that and a side of fries”!

Celeste is a star child with purple skin and blue hair.

She loves stargazing and her motto is “Anything is possible in this big universe”!

Gloria is a sporty golden gal, with winged feet and a soccer ball.

She is a strong team player who’s motto is “We can do it together”!

Unie is a heroic protector with a pink hair and a blue horn.

She loves standing up for others and her motto is “U B U – Unique and magnifique”!

Punky is a rocker, with spiked bracelets, skirt and collar.

She loves to express herself and her motto is “Stay true to yourself”!

Sprinkles is a sweet ice cream treat, with a mint chip skirt and whipped cream hair.

She stays cool in any situation and her motto is “Eat dessert first”!


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