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Pamper and Birthday Party Extras

Adding little extras can make your girl's pamper party even more personal and special for you. Below are some extras you might like to include.

Extras can be added to any of our packages.

Please contact us for bookings and more details.

Glam Gift Bags


 - Select 3 items from our glam bag station

  - Additional items are available at marked prices

 $12.00 per bag

Feel free to bring chocolates or sweets to add into the Glam Bags

(Ask about our current product availability)



 -  Pass the Parcel game $18 (per party)

Prize RRP min $20 plus lollipop for every guest

- Pin the crown on the princess $12 (per party)

Prize RRP min $12

- Musical Statues $10 (per party)

Prize RRP min $12


 Balloon to take home


  $2.50 per balloon


Guest Princess Apperance


  $20 per party (per princess for up to 4 guests)

$3 for every extra guest.

The hostess will be dressed as the princess of your choice:

- Belle - Elsa - Mermaid - Cinderella - Fairy

The princess will pamper the guests and each guest will recieve a little treat to treasure from the princess. 


Princess Tiara to take home


  $5.50 per tiara

(RRP $8.50)


Add food to your party

Or want extra food

*Ordering of this item must be done minimum 3 days prior to booking* 

Food can be catered for all parties.

Please let us know if you have specific requirements or requests

*Food supplied in packages are catered for the guests who have been paid for*

Note party food may vary slightly from image above

 Bring your own cake

We will supply Knife, Lighter, Plates/Napkins

Please let us know if you wish to bring a cake so we can make sure to allocate time for this

You will be responsible for candles if required.

We supply lighter, knife, plates, napkins etc

Birthday Cake Cupcake

Something special just for the birthday girl, or ideal as an alternative to a big birthday cake for all guests.

Standard Cupcakes - $5.50 per large cupcake

(Style may vary from image attached)

*Ordering of this item must be done minimum 5 days prior to booking*

2D Themed Cupcakes - $6.50 per large cupcake

*Ordering of this item must be done minimum 5 days prior to booking*


Please contact us for bookings and more details